DC to 15 Ghz SMT Attenuator Chip

DC to 15 Ghz SMT Attenuator Chip

HYBR-FILM ™ AW-7560 Series are high performance RF & Microwave, fixed, Triple Wrap SMT attenuators offering DC to 15 GHz SMT Attenuator Chip. operation. Offered as standard products there is no need for customization or source control drawing and specifications. We provide a simple solution by having an extended frequency range to 15 GHz. Replacing it’s earlier 12.4 GHz. version. The AW-7560 attenuators are designed for SMT mounting techniques. They can be mounted with epoxy to a hard substrate or soldered on a printed circuit board. These parts also offer excellent frequency stability and long-term reliability. With a power rating of 2 watt pulse and 200 Milliwatts CW makes them an excellent choice for applications for Medical, Broadcast, Industrial, Commercial Wireless, Military and Space.

All values from 0 – 10 dB are usually in stock available on tape and reel (standard) or bulk packaging. Chips are also available with a variety of I/O metalizations for soldering and other mounting processes.
Standard parts are RoHs compliant.

Frequency: DC – 15 GHz.
Resistor Film: Hybrid Blended Thick Film
Attenuation Value: See Chart
Chip Material: 96.6% Alumina
Power: 200 mW/2 W Pulse
Terminal Metal: Platinum/Silver (RoHs)
Power Rating: 100% @ +150⁰C
Altitude: 50,000 Feet
Operating Temp.: -55⁰C to +150⁰C
Vibration: MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Cond. D
Workmanship: MIL-PRF-55342
Mechanical Tolerance: ±0.005”


Series selection chart

Part Number




DC 4.0 GHz.


4.0-12.0 GHz.




DC-4.0 GHz.


12.0-15.0 GHz.


AW-7560-000.0-0.010-0.20-0.31.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-011.0+0.10±0.10-.010 to -0.301.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-022.0+0.10±0.10-.010 to -0.301.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-033.0+0.10±0.10-.010 to -0.301.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-044.0+0.20±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-055.0+0.20±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-066.0+0.20±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-077.0+0.20±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-088.0+0.20±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-099.0+0.20±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-1010.0+0.20±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-2020.0+0.30+0.30-0.3 to -0.601.06 Max1.25 Max.