We just returned from IEEE WAMICON 2023 in Melbourne, FL! We want to thank all that came to our booth to speak to us and it was an absolute pleasure! We hope to see you all again soon, here is a recap of WAMICON 2023 from Preferred Power Products


Welcome to our new website

Over the past few months, P3 has been working very hard to deliver a new, fresh, and more user-friendly website to our customers. We feel these changes were necessary to make the web viewing experience of our company better for you, the customer.

So, what changes were made? We are glad you asked!

We clearly made a domain name change to “” – we felt a shorter domain made more sense. To avoid any confusion, our old domain name “” still points to the new domain and website.

You can notice the first change right away that we have moved towards the trending “dark-theme” style of website. This was not done just for aesthetic reasons. Studies have been done over the years that an all white screen with black text increases eye fatigue. Like us, we know our customers are on the computer a large part of their day and we wanted to make our website easier on our customers eyes and focus more on the details, and less on the distractions.

Secondly, the website is much faster and more optimized. P3 has customers all over the globe and having a website that is faster with quicker load times is important to us. We wanted to remove the inconvenience of over-seas customers waiting long periods of time to only view a single page.

Third, requesting a quote has been made more easy than ever before. Our previous website asked for very minimal information where further discussion needed to be made after we received your inquiry. With our new “Request A Quote” form, we now get a much more detailed idea of what you want the moment it hits our inbox and we can start getting to work right away.

Fourth, our product pages are much easier to view. What does this mean? Our last website layouts search function on our data tables was not optimized to show what you wanted. If you don’t want to skim a large data table, simple put in a number of power specs, operating frequency, or what ever option you want to see and the chart will instantly only show you products in the spec you are looking for.

Fifth, this change is more geared towards our marketing department that manages and designs our website. Our marketing department are big Adobe users and our last website was designed and made using Adobe Muse – a software no longer in service. WordPress has become an industry standard in web-design and has been for years, and our marketing team made a rough decision to change over to WordPress. This makes giving our customers updates a whole lot easier as the changes within our website happen in real time.

Sixth, we are now utilizing E-Commerce within our site. You can see up-to-date stock values we have on hand, place an order, and have it shipped the same day!

Lastly, we wanted our website to leave a lasting impression. We wanted our website to represent Preferred Power Products in its true color. We wanted the website to be more visually appealing and much easier to navigate to spend as little time on our website as possible to find what you are looking for – and go straight to business with us.

We appreciate customer feedback. Adam, P3’s Marketing Department Manager would love to hear feedback on new ideas you would like to see, to make your experience better on our website. He can be reached at – [email protected].

Enjoy our new website, browse around, see if you find what you are looking for, and hit us up! Request a quote! Or, look at our in-stock inventory and make an order today!